Rose Miller


Rose Miller is an artist and teacher based out of Miami, FL. Her current series of miniature paintings, done on wooden rings and pendants, are more than what meets the eye.  Miller has merged artisan craft with the realms of fine art by embedding her wearable pieces into larger wooden panels with deeper and dynamic meaning. While worn in public, the artwork serves as a statement piece that aims to initiate conversation, and create a momentary connection between people. The fact that these paintings are quite small, sometimes unrecognizable without a magnify glass, lends itself to the societal narratives being depicted with themes such immigration, refugees, black lives matter, just to name a few. These issues that are often overlooked, forgotten, or require a bit more effort to investigate, talk about or even “see”. This is the very thing Miller is trying to have the viewer notice, and then promote compassionate discussions about it.

The topics chosen for her art comes from Miller’s influences of her personal upbringing in Miami from a multicultural family & community, as well as time spent living in Denmark, her next plan is to tackle concerns over of climate change, and women empowerment.