Rose Miller

Rose Miller was brought into this world and raised by a Hispanic arts & crafts making mother and an American technician engineer father Miller in North West Miami Dade, Florida. She received a classical art training at New World School of the Arts Senior High, and then two semesters at Maryland Institute College of Art. There after, she finished up her Bachelor's in Art Education (K-12) from Florida International University.

Yearning for wonder, Miller completed two study abroad art programs, one in China and the other in Greece. Thereafter, she lived in Denmark and created her first Rose's Rosewood painting in 2011. Over the years (and presently), she has taught ceramics, painting and drawing to various populations. Her art has been in various shows in Miami, Baltimore, Greece, and Denmark. 

As love and life are usually complicated for the sensitive artistic soul, Miller was no exception and returned to her home base in Miami, in 2012. After having to start her life over, and in 2014 having a daughter, Miller is now back on the series she started years before while abroad, this time with a deeper meaning. 

Rose's rosewoods are a series of miniature paintings, no larger than 1.25" x 1.25" created on wooden rings. Due to the tiny size and ease in transportability, these miniature wearable art pieces lend themselves in bringing art to the masses. While worn in public, the artwork can serve as "conversation starters" to create a momentary connection between people. In more recent works, Miller has been interested in the rings being part of larger, deeper pieces, still with the option of being worn. The fact that the wearable paintings are quite small, sometimes unrecognizable with out a magnify glass, lends itself to the subject matter being depicted.  These subjects that are often overlooked, forgotten, or require too much effort to see. This is the very thing Miller is trying to have the viewer notice, and then promote through conversations about it.